by Jacob James Wilton



This whole record is about understanding perfect love. Loving someone for them and not for what you can get out of them.

Recorded and Produced by Travis Ahrenholtz & Jake Newbold
All song written by Jake Newbold (Jacob James Wilton)

Aaron Lee- Bass, Sounds
Claire Delaney- Vox, Sounds
Marina Kushner- Violin
Travis Ahrenholtz- Guitar, Vox, Production
Jake Newbold- Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Vox


releases August 19, 2017

Travis Ahrenholtz



all rights reserved


Jacob James Wilton Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Revelation of Self Elevation (Levitation)
Oh heavy load, let that weight roll off
And I'd say it all again
And I said it to change you
I guess I'd do it all again
Track Name: Ville De L'Amour
No need to worry about
the city that I live in
it's chill no doubt
as long as we hang out
I wont feel like I'm just losing everything
I will be falling in love
Time could just swallow us
Track Name: Coat
I wanna go for a walk
I wanna turn you on
I wanna give you my coat
I wanna mow your lawn

I wanna know how ya feel

Sometimes I wake up at night
I wake up all alone

I wanna know how ya feel
Track Name: Olive Tree
I'm hoping that you can see past this Olive tree
I'll keep my fruit on the branch but
You don't have to water me
I just wanna feed you when you're hungry
I just wanna give you shade when
its too sunny
I've hit the day when I can't feel imperfect love
and I've got a feeling
Track Name: Ring'a'Ding Girl (only waiting)
If my knees lock up
I'll be here for months
Walking you through the door
I'm only waiting
and If I had forgot
what I really want
was to be inside your love
I'm only waiting